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This Directory of Professionals is intended to be an all inclusive listing.

Add A New Listing

To be added to our directory, there is a one-time editing fee that is listed below. There are no recurring costs after the initial fee. Your listing will remain in our directory until you ask that it be removed.

Edit an Existing Listing

To correct an error in a listing, there is no charge. To edit a listing, such as a change of address or phone, there is a one-time editing charge, lised below.

How to Order & Pay

We use a system that we feel works best for you and us, and it is very old-fashioned - no fancy interfaces, forms, or credit card processing. Just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Send us your information by email or mail (addresses given below).
  2. We add/edit your information and email you to check it out.
  3. You check it out.
  4. You mail us a check.
  5. You pay and reap the benefits of your listing.
  6. You don't pay - we remove.


  • Editing Fee: $10.00

  • Premium Listing: $25.00.
    In a premium listing we will include more information and a Link to your website. This is a one-time fee and includes the editing fee..

  • Upgrade to Premium Listing: $20.00.

  • Additional Listings: $2.00 per Listing.
    We have directory pages for each of the major areas of practice and pages for possibly surrounding communities. We will place your listing on these other pages for this small, one-time fee. The listings will have to be identical or there will be an editing fee to make the desired changes.

  • Stay On Top: Bid.
    If you want your listing to appear at the top of the page, we have a way to make it happen. It can cost as little as $1.00 per month. See below for details.


Standard Listing:

Dewey, Lovitt, and Howe
2 Easy Street, Suite 1
Paridise, AZ, 99999
(888) 555-1212

Premium Listing: (with a Stay-On-Top bid)

Dewey, Lovitt, and Howe
Specializing in:
Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury
Se habla Espaņol
2 Easy Street, Suite 1
Paridise, AZ, 99999
(888) 555-1212
(222) 333-3333 (Day or Night)
(SOTB: 3-60423)

Information Needed

We obviously need your company name, address, and phone number. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be sure to tell us the page(s) of the directory where you want your listings. Each of our pages has a title at the top of the page. Also make sure we have a good contact name and email address.

Important Note

When communicating with us about an existing listing, it is vital that you include the phone number from the listing in your communication. We use the phone number to locate listings for edit. Remember - the phone number!

Stay-On-Top Bid

If you want your listing to be the first listing on the page, you can bid for it. All the bids are for one month that begins at the time we move or place your listing (which will take no more than 5 days after we receive your check). The minimum bid is $1.00 and bid increases have to be in imcrements of at least $1.00 in whole dollars.

Only Premium Listings are eligible for Stay-On-Top bidding. Stay-On-Top bidding is NOT required. We make it available because it makes sense. Everyone wants to be first. If the benefits outweigh the expense, do it.

How can I determine the current bids?

Look the the bottom of each listing. In our example of a Premium Listing above, there is our STOB code of "(SOTB: 3-60423)", the current bid is $3.00 (the rest is the paid-thru date explained below). For four bucks you can claim top spot. If there is no listing with the bid displayed, you can have top spot for the minimum $1.00 bid. Because bid amounts can be quite low, you can make your bid for as many months as you like and pay with one check. This raises several questions I’ll now attempt to answer.

How can I tell when a bid (including my own) expires?

The "(STOB: 3-60423)" code contains two pieces of information - the amount bid and when the bid expires. In this example, the bid is for $3.00 per month and expires April 23, 2006.

Do I have to wait until a current bid expires to bid on a position?

No. You can place a bid at any time, for any amount (in whole dollars - I don’t want to deal in bids of $2.03), for any number of months.

If I bid higher than the current top bidder, when will my listing be on top?

Immediately. A bidder is placed on top until out-bid. This example will, hopefully, answer in more detail.

Bidder A makes a bid of $3.00 and pay through December. In March, Bidder B makes a bid of $4.00 for six month (expires in September). The listing of Bidder B will be placed on top and the listing for Bidder A will become the second listing. If Bidder B does not renew his bid before the end of September, his listing will be moved down to the non-bidding listings and the listing of Bidder A will again be on top.

What if Bidder A wants to get back on top?

From my perspective, terrific! All bidder A has to do is increase his bid to a higher level, let’s say $7.00. He has already paid $3.00 and has a number of months left on his bid. Just do the math. New bid = $7.00. Already paid $3.00. Difference of $4.00 multiplied by the number of remaining months.

Do I have to out-bid the current highest bidder?

No. Look at the current bids. Determine where your comfort-level and financial-abilty fit and bid that amount. If you bid $3.00 and there are bidders listed for the same amount, your listing will be placed beneath the last bid of $3.00. (First come - first served.)

Will I be removed from the directory if I do not renew my bid?

No. Your listing will moved to the non-bidding listings. Previous bidders will be listed before those who have never bid, but in random order.

If I pre-pay several months, can I get a refund?


Our Address and Phone

Franklin Storage Systems, Inc.
120 Allatoona Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189
(702) 239-8009

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